Monday, September 1, 2008

Emily 18

  • was a vision; she had long, flouncy blonde hair, a scrubbed, clean,
  • We wanted to, Rocky said, but I didnt have a rubber.
  • Jabbing my tongue into her honey-pot to the beat of Until it Sleeps, I make sure each stroke is slow and powerful, pushing her clitoris against her pubic bone, sending just the right pressure thrilling through her.
  • Marci, move over and hug your brother for a little while, at least until he comes down from his high. Ive got to get up and get dressed, she told them. After Emily 18 dressing, she sat back on the bed with the kids.
  • Marci stirred lazily and pulled the pillow away from her head. The sleep was heavy in the corner of her eyes and she rubbed Emily 18 gently to get rid of the irritating scratchy feeling. She thought it was so good to be out of school for the summer and not even have to worry about Emily 18 getting up at the crack-of-dawn five days out of the week; that was not counting the time it took to study and prepare outside work though.
  • Nik did something similar by licking all the white Lia 19
    stuff that dripped from her tits off of my stomach. She told me it tasted a little salty with a touch of sweetness. She commented how she would like to taste schoolgirl naked
    it again sometime and smiled at me.
  • Doris turned her head and was startled to see Rocky that close, quickly she reached over and pushed his head down a little, so that he would not be so obvious. She sure didnt want to spoil anything since she planned to have his peter inside her shortly, maybe in about 30 minutes or less, if she could just get Doug to cum, then he would drop off to sleep, dead to the world.
  • It tickled so much, it was borderline painful. She sucked the end of it as well, but party girls
    I didnt feel her teeth.
  • party in our own front yard. Sarah came with her folks, two grim-

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